Mission and Goals

Develop well-rounded boys of character and accomplishment.


omnis puer scitus et frater (every boy known, every boy a brother)

Our goals are ….

  • To establish an academically rigorous boys middle school in Charlottesville, with particular attention to the needs and learning styles of boys;
  • To develop our school and its traditions around a strong, well educated, hard working, involved faculty, one which participates in the school’s activities and coaching, and one which models and mirrors the school’s philosophy;
  • To distinguish ourselves by our rigorous, regular, and engaging academic curriculum, one that inspires our boys to become lifelong learners;
  • To teach to the whole boy—giving attention to the academic, social, physical, creative, ethical, and personal development of each of its boys.
  • To engage middle school boys by exposing them to a variety of interests in academic, athletic, extracurricular, and service opportunities;
  • To attract and support a student body which reflects the diversity of our local community, both ethnically and socioeconomically;
  • And, to develop a strong working relationship with the parents, one that recognizes the partnership we have in raising all our children.

Field School Fundamentals

Unwavering attention to our mission—to develop well-rounded boys of character and accomplishment.

A small school with consistent and deeply held values—honesty, compassion, trust, respect, fairness, courage, and responsibility.

A strong and involved faculty.

A small teacher/student ratio, ensuring students an engaging and vigorous classroom experience.

A traditional, academically rigorous curriculum in English, social studies, math, science, Latin, and the arts, along with character and leadership development.

Daily team sports participation, emphasizing physical fitness, teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship.

An emphasis on regular field trips, to expand the classroom and to increase the vitality of learning experiences.

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