Arts & Music

The arts and music program includes exposure to a wide variety of forms of artistic expression and hands-on or active practice, including fine art, crafts, music and drama. We do two plays per year, the Spirit Walk in the fall, and an annual spring musical.


…is taught twice per week. Classes have included Architectural Drawing and Modeling with Bob Kirchman, Sculpture with Luke Thelen, Cooking with Patrick Critzer, Gardening with Mike Parisi, Civility with Robyn Jackson, Auto Mechanics with Ari Daniels, Art History with Jen Brouse, Photography with Meredith Montague, and Tai Chi with Hiromi Johnson. Our art teacher in residence is Michelle Nevarr.


…instruction takes place during two classes each week, with the boys choosing from guitar (Pete Vigour ), African Drumming (Darrell Rose), Blue Grass (Pete Vigour), Strings (Lianne Campbell) and Choir (Heather Hightower).

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