Field School is working hard to keep our boys engaged and connected.

We are online!

A Guide for Parents and Students

We will deliver on our mission of developing well rounded boys of character and accomplishment. Faculty will
create lessons centered around our school philosophy and motto.
Developing well-rounded boys of character and accomplishment.
Omnis puer scitus et frater…every boy known, every boy a brother.
The goals of remote learning at Field School are to serve our mission and boys, to maintain teacher-student and student-student relationships, and to move forward with learning and fostering intellectual curiosity. While we cannot fully replicate the Field School educational experience away from campus and our classrooms, we can provide an intellectually stimulating experience for your students, and our teachers have worked hard to prepare instruction to advance student learning during this time. We are cognizant of constraints, and teachers will work to ensure students receive what is necessary for learning in their subject area.

Student Expectations:

  • Students are expected to check the daily homework/class notes and complete the assignments.
  • Students may use their online access to keep in touch with friends as well as to use as a tool in class. However, using those tools inappropriately during class, for example texting irrelevant things to the class, or for unkind remarks or gossip, will result in those features being turned off.
  • Students are expected to make good faith efforts to do the assignments provided and, if they encounter difficulties, to contact their teachers for assistance.

Family Expectations:

  • Parents are not expected to become their children’s teacher. They can facilitate their children’s learning by providing a quiet place to work, (preferably in a relatively public part of the home), supporting them in accessing the online tools, and helping them, if needed, contact their teachers with any questions or difficulties they are having with the learning activities provided.

Learning Expectations

  • All school rules and guidelines still apply during virtual learning.
  • Any IT problems should be reported to the teacher. If not resolved, email to:, text to: 434-260-1245, or leave a voicemail at: 434-260-1245 for help.
  • Classes will be recorded regularly (for purposes of student make-up work, teacher training, and a variety of other uses).
  • This is an opportunity for students to practice skills that are necessary in the digital age, and the faculty looks forward to supporting them in this endeavor.
  • Students are encouraged to spend time outside and to limit screen time as much as possible to offset the increase in screen time required by virtual learning.
  • Students are encouraged to exercise daily and create a healthy balance of school work and exercise.

Online and Zoom Meeting Behavior Expectations

  • Field School rules regarding the responsible use of technology apply in all online uses related to Field School.
  • Students must use their names when online for class or other school related activities.
  • Any backgrounds used must be appropriate and not distracting to others. Faculty members may ask students to remove backgrounds that are inappropriate or distracting in the judgment of the faculty member.
  • Students should have no expectation of privacy when in a virtual classroom. Students have the option of disabling their video at their option. They are encouraged to remain visible when in class, but Field School recognizes that privacy may require video being disabled (and that some students may disable video feeds in order to improve their audio signal feed).

Weekly Schedule
Our school schedule is attached while we are in an online mode. School is still in session, just in a different place. We have half hour meeting blocks for classes below generally with 15-minute time periods between classes. Classes may run long at times, but will not go beyond 40 minutes. Also, teachers may make assignments in “Class Notes,” which should be completed during that day’s assigned time even if teachers are not then available online.

Class Time
See our daily all-school “Class Notes” for class-time expectations. Homework and other assignments may be due at that period and/or at other times during the week.

Office Hours
Teachers will be available during office hours from M-Th daily. If you would like to chat by phone or at other times online, email the appropriate teacher to set up a time.

Support Tips from the Faculty
Here are a few tips for getting through these next few weeks:

  • Stay active – Workouts should help with that!
  • Stay connected with your friends – Just because we need to observe social distancing doesn’t mean that we cut off all forms of social contact.
  • Plan a weekly Virtual Hangout time with your friends.
  • Take a media break – It’s normal to have fears of the unknown.
  • Focus on what is in your control. Surround yourself with positive distractions from the daily news
  • Create a schedule and stick to it – Regular wake up times every day, change out of pajamas and eat at normal meal/snack times
  • Ask for help – Please ask for help with technology or the course material if you find yourself struggling. We need to all work together on this!
  • Your advisor is another great resource for questions and help!

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Helpful Links
Tips Checklist for Home Learning
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Tech Help hotline (after you have asked your teacher for help first): Email to: or you can Text to: 434-260-1245 or Voicemail: 434-260-1245 for help.

What if I am absent for a class for a doctor’s appointment or am sick? We are flexible with attendance
rules, but it is helpful to make the effort to catch-up on any work missed. You can connect with your teacher(s) during office hours or set up another time to talk about what you missed.

What capabilities will my device need? A microphone and a camera.

What if I don’t understand my assignment? Email your teacher and request more information, a video chat,
or some other method of help.

Can I meet with a group of classmates outside of class? Individual families can make decisions about informal socializing.

What is a parent’s role in holding a student accountable? Parents should provide the equipment needed, a space for work that is free from distraction, and help on an as-needed basis if contacted by a teacher.

How will attendance be taken? Teachers will have various methods of taking attendance, but we are taking it in order just to see if there is a student who is not present so we can reach out.

How will assessments look? Assessments (and grading) will vary from class to class. Teachers have autonomy to create various assessments, from traditional tests to project-based learning work. Assessments are being used to measure understanding, assess skills, and provide progress feedback.

How can I contact my teacher? Begin with email, and any other method of virtual contact can be arranged.

What platform will students use for video conferencing? The main platform that we will use is Zoom. However, teachers may ask students to engage in other sites or methods as well.

What is the difference between daily homework and class notes? The daily homework is as it has been in the past. It is the work to be done before class the next day. Class notes are a brief summary of what will be covered in class the next day. In this sense, the class notes act as both a preview and a review tool for the class.

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