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Imagine classes held on the edge of a pond or a hillside looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains; assemblies and plays in an outdoor amphitheater. Imagine boys playing on fields and courts, building and riding bike trails, or learning a ropes course.

Imagine a place where the definition of a classroom is not a four-walled room, but wherever boys and faculty are working and learning together.

Imagine a school purpose-built to provide boys with the raw materials, opportunities, and support to grow into young men of character and accomplishment.

Imagine no longer: That place, that school, exists as a promise to the future. Help us connect boys to schooling, to each other, to communities, and to their futures. It is important.

Learn more about the proposed campus, renderings and aerial photographs, as well as browsing through our digital brochure.

Please help share this effort and support it through making a donation. You can make a donation by credit card or PayPal account directly through this link to PayPal. Please select “Capital Campaign” from the drop-down menu.


Digital Brochure


Help Us Build Our New Aerie Campus.



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